Our News

Read about what 3Donationz has done! We are in the process of updating our news page, by now putting current and old news, so you can see what we have done over time! Currently we have everything from 2021 done! Last edited on: 8/7/22

$392 Raised for NORD!

Through a dress down at one of our school's we were able to raise money for the National Organization for Rare Disorders(NORD)! We couldn't have done it without the assistance from all of our donors!

Happy Back to School!

With back to school comes 3Donationz and its students gearing up for another fantastic year! We can't wait to see what we accomplish and how we make a difference this coming school year!

What was 3DZ up to in 2021?

Click through the slides to read our news! We also  included our student written press releases in our news section either linked(if they got in the news) or directly in the slides! Pro Tip: the slides are in chronological order from most current to oldest!

Hot Chocolate Fundraiser 2021

Thank you all for sharing the Christmas spirit! We have raised a total of $1171(from this year and last) from hot chocolate sales for benches in Serenity Park!!  Our confidence has been getting better and we are sharing the 3Dz charity campaigns with peers. Thanks for all the support!

Eagle's Den Renovation

We were awarded an Ascension Fund grant of $1000 in memory of its deceased to renovate our on campus essentials pantry "The Eagle's Den" that we founded in fall of 2020. All students created a designs of the new den and we combined some of the best designs into to one great designs.. This is taught students about design, using technology,  budgeting, helping others, and organization. Students have a 20 foot by 10 foot space to use.  Students also had to  make a digital model and show expenses. Currently the Eagle's Den done being renovated.  The wall paper is up, the shelves are painted, our storage table is assembled,  the base boards are painted, our changing tent is up, and we have sorted all of our items. 

Meaning Behind the Mission:

   "We love creating unique products"-Our team takes pride in & enjoys making our student made & designed products "To Raise Awareness of Global Issues"- Many of our products make people aware of issues such as cancer through our cancer awareness ribbons and stickers. We use the money from certain products to donate back to non-profit  organizations that help out particular causes.        "With Innovation, Imagination, and Originality Through Design, Development and Distribution"- Our team of students think out of the box when designing products, and try to improve products. Students work hard going through the design process several times to get a quality product before we sell it. Finally we promote our products to family, friends, our website, and on our social medias.

"We love creating unique products through 3Donationz to raise awareness of global issues with innovation, imagination, and originality through design, development, & distribution."

Our Mission