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Read about our Mental Awareness Campaign, our Littering Campaign, and our new Unit!

Mental Awareness Is Important!

Mental health can be crucial to life.

When someone is having hard times, their mentality might not be the best. This can lead to negative things, but we can help by spreading awareness!

How can you help?

If someone you know is feeling down, talk to them and encourage them to tell a trusted adult about their feelings.

Where do the mental awareness donations go to?

If you buy any product related to the Mental Awareness Campaign, all of the funds will go to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness).

So Much Help!

NAMI, 3Donationz, and other people around the world appreciate all support you might give to mental awareness!

Gonzales Littering Campaign and FAQ

We are here to help you!

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What is the littering campaign about?

On behalf of mother earth and all the members of 3Donationz. We I would like the people to be aware of litter. Throw away your trash or recycle it in the bins provided. We hope you will do this in honor of Earth Day April 22 and carry on the traditions for generations to come. We want to help keep our protected wildlife and waterways clean and free from litter. 6th grader Thomas. says, “This is Earth - no plan B-”. The cities look so nice and clean when people do their part. Lauren, another 6th grader agrees “Our Earth would be beautiful if we didn’t litter”. 

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How can I help?

As of July 2019, the US Census Bureau estimates that there are 126,604 people (even more now in 2021) in our parish with 7 percent being under the age of 5. If every person over the age of 5 picked up one piece of litter, at least 117,742 pieces of litter would be picked up! If every person in the US over the age of 5 picked up one piece of litter that would be greatly impactful!

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What is your call to action?

The students at GOMS are going to walk over to a local park and to complete a stewardship activity in May 2021. They will install recycle bins, trash cans, and put medallions/paint storm drains that promote not littering. In order to fulfill the grant, they will also do a physical activity. On Saturday following, the DtMS students have the opportunity to have their parents bring them and help finish up. All proper social distancing and mask wearing will take place to insure safety. All students have contributed content for the city to use including memes, a PSA, a series of podcasts, a letter to the city council, and videos. The teacher and students will attend the April 26 City Council meeting where their formal partnership will be discussed. 

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Where did we get this idea?

“We launched this campaign after our teacher Mrs. Perrodin spoke to the Chief engineer, Jackie, about environmental concerns to fulfill the Kids to Parks Grant GoMS just received. She said that the main problem was littering. 3Donationz focuses on making the world a better place, so we knew we wanted to help make our parish a better place,” Callie says explaining why we decided to launch an anti-littering campaign. Be like Greenie, the local anti-littering mascot (pictured to the left, designed by Emma). So please, in honor of Earth Day throw away your trash or even better recycle it!

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Where did we get the money to accomplish this?

Kids to Parks Day Grant contest is sponsored by the National Park trust. Shelby, a tag student at GoMS, assisted in writing the grant thanks to his interests in Geology. Students will now have the opportunity to attend a virtual park experience in Ruby Falls and Rock City, as well contribute to this local stewardship anti-littering campaign. “We are very appreciative for the grant and are looking forward to working with the city  and Mrs. Jackie. We also couldn’t do this without Ms. Charlet’s support [principal of GoMS].” -Shelby

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How was 3donationz started and managed?

3Donationz was founded in 2018 as a non-profit organization with the mission to allow TAG(talented and gifted) Students from GoMS & DtMS, to make creative, student designed, affordable products while donating proceeds/time/talents to charity. The team of 31 students, each in different grades from both schools, use 3D Printers, Cricut Machines, and many types of software, in order to create these products, raise awareness, and share kindness and our gifts to others. We also do a podcast which updates the public on what 3Donationz is doing. We started this business because our teacher Mrs. Perrodin wanted to teach us about entrepreneurship and marketing. She impacts our lives by teaching us things that will help us in life well beyond middle school. 

We have Grown So Much This Year!

We have gathered the most creative ideas on our mind and created our own buisness. Just think, we started with a couple dollars, and a 3D printer. Now we have entire buisness, and it wasn't only a couple of students. We have gotten so many generous donations. That combined with our hard work made this buisness what you see today. But, don't worry, we have are hopes high, and intend on growing even more over this new year!

Flex Unit

Our brand new Unit! While we love 3Donationz, we have to cover other topics as well!

  • Multiple choices lets students choose a topic they like.

  • For example, we have Interior Design/Engineering, Holocaust,

  • Astronomy, Publication.

  • This is going to last for the rest of the school year.

  • Hopefully we can learn many things about our topic!