We are Finishing Up the: Rare Disease Awareness Campaign!

Check out our spring 2022 Campaign!


There are about 7,000 rare diseases with the majority of them being unknown to many, so we hope to educate the public about different rare diseases! 


Rare Disease day is February 28 every year. 


We raised $392 to donate to the National Organization for Rare Disorders(NORD)! 


$1 casual dress down for NORD was held on March 30th at DMS! All participants  got a Rare Disease Awareness Water Proof Sticker! Generous donors that kindly contributed extra received an additional sticker per every extra $1. THANKS FOR EVERYONE'S SUPPORT!!

General Campagain Info

Here you can find out how our campaigns work! Tap the card to flip it over and find the answer!

What is the purpose of 3Donationz's Campaigns?

To bring awareness to different issues, and to make the world a better place!

What do students do for campagains?

Students make podcasts, products for the shop(stickers are the most common), press releases,  content for our social medias, art, and come up with ways to raise money for that cause.

What have been past campagains?

Scroll down to learn about some of them!

How long do campaigns last?

Campaigns last 1 semester. We have spring campaigns(mainly) & sometimes fall campaigns.

Why does 3DZ raise money during these Campaigns?

We raise money to donate to organizations that specialize in the topic of the campaign and that help make a difference!

How can I help?

You can help by purchasing our products that help bring awareness and allow money to be given to other causes or by reaching out via our "Drop a Note" spot on our home page! Thank you very much to EVERYONE who supports us!!

 Rare Disease Awareness

Learn about different disorders!

Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia 

Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia, PCH for short. PCH is a condition that means you have a smaller cerebellum or pons(parts of the brain). There are  at least 6 different types of PCH(reseach is being done on more types), but all cause movement problems and intellectual disability. It is a developmental disability  and the average lifespan of a person with this is 20-25 years.                                                    Thanks to NORD(National Organization for Rare Disorders) for the information! *Disclaimer*: This is not medical advice, this is just for awareness purposes. 

Campagains Over time!

These are some of our campaigns we have had in the past!

Fall 2021: Character Strong

We renovated our essentials pantry , and had a toiletry and clothing drive! Our essentials pantry is called the Eagle's Den and offers clothing, shoes,non-perishable food and toiletries at NO COST to those in need! We also try our best to fulfill special requests of essentials.                             Fun fact: the Eagle's Den was founded in the fall of 2020!

Spring 2021: Mental Health

We raised $1,000 for the National Alliance for Mental illness, gave away mental health resources to teachers, and promoted have good mental health! Ever since then we sell mental health awareness stickers in our shop!                                   Interesting Knowledge: May in Mental Health Awareness Month!

Spring 2021: Anti-Littering

We cleaned up & renovated a local park, and spread awareness of not littering! Students created signs, drain art, decorated trash cans and even made anti-littering memes! Fun fact: Earth Day is April 22 each Year!

Spring 2022: Rare Disease/Disability Awareness Campaign

We educated the public about  rare diseases! Though a  dress down at one of our schools $392 for the National Organization for Rare Disorders(NORD)  was raised! Stickers and social media content was also created for this campaign. Interesting Info: May 28th is Rare Disease Day and March is disabilities awareness month!