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What's up with 3Dz?

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2020 The Eagles Den

2020 The New 3Dz Website Launch

Introducing 3Donationz

Feb 2021 Commercial

April 2021 Anti Littering Campaign

Helping others through empathy, kindness, & respect.

be kind to others!

$1194+ Donationz 

More than 80 volunteer hours and $1194 has been donated to help organizations and people in need.

12 Completed Projects

We have completed many projects together to be proud of.

70 Volunteers

The core of our success are the most devoted student and family volunteers.


An Education Corporation sponsored by Real World Scholars is available by grants each year.  

Global & Local 

Making connections for all to learn how to do their part.

Local News

Our most recent project in the news. See our video above for more info on how to help here!

Our Mission

We love creating unique products through 3Donationz to raise awareness of global issues with innovation, imagination, and originality through design, development, & distribution.

About us

 Our organization loves helping out the needy people in our community, through our technology. We design, develop, and distribute our wonderfully made 3D printed products. All products are student made. 

Take Action

Right now, we have a small budget of a little over $200. If you would like to help, click above. We accept any type of donation or offer. Click  the shop now button to browse our products.

Anti Littering Campaign,    Spring 2021

At 3Dz, students are preparing for an awareness campaign. We will be visiting  a local park to clean up, set out new recycle bins, paint trash cans, and mark storm drains. Our newest press release is at  https://3donationz.com/News/

How we spend your donation

When it comes to spending your money we ensure to keep transparency on where a single penny goes and weekly report on the completed projects.

Step 1

First, we collect the money through sales on our e-commerce site accessed by only a few trusted people. 

Step 2

We have trustworthy team members who then are using the money you donate to manage accordingly. We donate to other non-profit charities, individuals in need, and school programs. 

Step 3

Finally, we report the completed projects weekly with visual and documental proofs. We care for every penny to serve its goal. Follow us on social media and watch for our videos.

Join in our mission

Here is how you can help us in providing higher education to talented children from around the country.

  • Donate, each penny is important and makes a difference.
  • Join, we are always happy to meet new people with great skills.
  • Organize, if you organize events that could be helpful we'll be happy to hear.
  • Gift, you can make gifts to children to help motivate and get success.
  • Want to help and don't know how? Contact us and we'll discuss.
  • Text us  @ (225) 800-3079 for more information

Newsletter / Drop a Note

Whether you want to join us, or sign up for the monthly newsletter please leave your email, let us know via this form and we will reach out shortly. Once you sign up, you will be sent the newsletter every month.


Follow and contact us

Follow us on social networks and contact our team in case of any questions.